Roof Restoration & Coating

Commercial Roof and Building Coating Applications

At OpSec Systems & Coating, we specialize in commercial roof and building coating applications. We are Factory Authorized Applicators for all GE Momentive Silicone products allowing us to offer up to 25 Year Labor & Material Warranties! Operating with low overhead and exceptional safety are the two simple principles that guide all our projects.

These principles allow us to offer exceptionally low pricing to our customers while delivering a fully restored roof or building using exceptional commercial-grade products. We use only GE Momentive Silicone products because they are the original pioneers of silicone products and have been manufacturing them since 1930!

The Benefits

No material or debris added to the landfills

Little to no disruption to your business or tenants

Virtually no smell. Most commercial roof replacements utilize adhesives that have strong odors

No permit required in most municipalities

Same warranty length as a full roof replacement

Nearly 75% less than a full roof replacement or recover

The process for successfully restoring your roof is simple and straightforward.

Conduct a thorough inspection of your roof and present the best coating recommendation and any minor repairs needed

After completing minor repairs, we will clean the roof by pressure washing it and ensuring that the entire surface is free of dirt and debris

After the roof has dried properly (usually within 24 hours) we will begin detailing any edges, curbs, equipment, etc. This also includes applying fabric mesh at any seams to allow the coating to withstand inevitable building movement.

Once all details have been completed, we will coat the remaining open areas of the roof to manufacturer standards (varies by warranty length)

After the entire roof has been coated to the proper thickness we will complete a final walk-thru and touch-up any areas requiring additional coating.

The final step is a manufacturer warranty inspection which will result in a warranty being issued to the customer

That’s it! All of this can be done with little to no interruption to tenants, residents, business, neighbors, etc.

Welcome to the future of roof maintenance & restoration!

Contact us today for a free evaluation and schedule your job for the 2019 coating season now!