Roof Service & Inspection

Do you own or manage commercial buildings that have different roof systems that vary in age and condition? If so, then allowing OpSec to do a comprehensive analysis of your roof and perform regular maintenance is the best way to stay ahead of major issues and budget for the life cycle of the roof. 

Why get a commercial roof inspection?

So your roof doesn’t end up looking like this….

We will spend a considerable amount of time on and around the roof in question documenting the details, condition, surrounding hazards, likely wear areas, drainage paths, current leaks, current materials, and other items of concern. We can also perform moisture scans to determine current moisture intrusion issues. We also take an incredible amount of pictures for your records.

Our findings and pictures are then presented to you in a comprehensive report that includes likely timelines of maintenance and the potential for full replacement and the estimated cost.

We can also provide you with contractor recommendations in the event you would like to proceed with major repairs or replacement.

If you have questions about your commercial roof in Portland or surroundings areas such as Columbia County, Marion County, or Deschutes County then we have answers!

We specialize in commercial coatings in the Pacific Northwest!

Contact us today to schedule an inspection and detailed estimate for your roof, building, floor, or other commercial surface. We are scheduling for our 2021 season now!