Deck & Traffic Coating

Commercial parking garages, retail entrances and exits, walking decks, and playgrounds are subjected to consistently heavy amounts of wear and tear to the underlying substrate. To proactively protect these assets, we specialize in applying layered liquid membranes with added slip protection to ensure your structure is 100% waterproofed and protected against daily vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

The process for waterproofing and protecting a deck or concrete surface is straightforward but requires attention to detail when executing each step. Here is how we do it:

  1. Protect the surrounding areas and ensure no unwanted vehicular or pedestrian traffic is allowed through the area to be coated
  2. Prep the existing substrate by using specialized equipment to ensure the surface profile is correct for the product being applied
  3. Tape and prep all transitions, drains, joints, cracks, etc to ensure they are reinforced and prepared properly. Coating is all about the prep!
  4. Apply base coat of selected product followed by 1 to 3 intermediate coats along with granules depending on the expected traffic in that area
  5. Apply a final topcoat over the granules or or traction materials and intermediate coats
  6. After final cure has been achieved, complete remaining details, if applicable, and remove all tape and protection

We take pride in our process and specific attention to proper prep before applying the coating. Have a structure, deck, or area that you want protected for years to come with commercial traffic or deck coating? Contact us to schedule an onsite project inspection and review.

We specialize in commercial coatings in the Pacific Northwest!

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